BrewSSSiphon in Glass Carboy with SSSleeve end of racking cane with the check valve deconstructed check valve deconstructed and layed flat hands shown removing the end cap and check valve hands shown attaching the Carboy Sleeve into a Glass Carboy coil of Silicone 11 MM tubing BrewSSSiphon® BrewSSSiphon® BrewSSSiphon® BrewSSSiphon®
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Are you sick and tired of broken racking canes? 

Wish you didn't have to keep around two siphon starters for your clean beers and your sours?

If so, we've got you TOTALLY covered. 

Fabricated entirely out of 304 Stainless Steel and high-temperature Silicone, our BrewSSSiphon® can be completely disassembled and baked in an oven at 225 degrees F for total sanitation assurance.

That clingy Lacto won't stand a chance & should dry hops ever clog your wort transfer, just remove the check valve assembly, clean it, sanitize it, and get back to work.  Its that sensible.

As beautiful as it is versatile, this will be the last transfer tool you'll ever need!

You may also download the Care and Use Guide in a digital PDF format. 


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