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Check out our man Larry over at BREW-N-BBQ putting the BrewSSSiphon™ to the test.

Brian Huntley from SHORT CIRCUITED BREWER swooshes in to record this live, on the trade show floor interview in Portland @ HOME BREW CON 2018.  Is the afro real?

brewer using the brewsssiphon with carboy sleeve to transfer beer out of a carboy

Designed by Small Home Brewers, for ALL Home Brewers.

Tempered in the forge of camaraderie, an echo of discontent hardened & out of this vexation with cheap plastic homebrewing tools a new vision was #Brewn! Like as in born. Get it? You do? Ok! Great! Anyway, here's the point! We believe choosing to invest in high quality stainless steel & silicone homebrewing equipment which is designed to last a lifetime is clearly the most #brewsensible choice and a great way to make a small but meaningful step in the right direction. We're confident that you do too.

Centered on Sustainability

the entire brewsssiphon and carboy sleeve and spring clip in a sanitizing bath with a disassembled check valve

Breaks Down for Sanitizing!

Our flagship tool the BrewSSSiphon® is the worlds' first fully de-constructable, manually cleanable, and totally sanitizable silicone & stainless steel auto siphon. This beast will gnaw its way through your messiest transfer to then be scrubbed clean as a whistle with not a microbe of contamination left after you are done. Add one to your Home Brewing Kit today!

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