BrewSensible® FAQ's

Questions we get asked A LOT!

“What is a #Brewzard?” 

In "technical terms" it is someone who has gone out into the deep end, either literally or metaphorically and returned transformed with more #fermentational knowledge and magical experience than he/she can easily share in a coherent and simple way. Delicately balanced on the edge of crazy, but way cool! If you suspect you're in the presence of such a person, throw caution to the wind, offer to buy the next round, as this will undoubtedly help break the ice, focus and listen intently, nodding often, like you understand whats being said, until there is a sufficiently long pause so that you can excuse yourself to the bathroom for a tinkle. Take a few extra moments to quietly absorb some of the mad genius to which you were just privy in hopes that one day you to can become a #brewzard.

“I have two kids and they are always asking me if they can help on brew day, do you have any suggestions for ways to get them involved easily?”

“Wait, I saw a video of Anthony with an Afro, was that not his real hair?”

“Do I need to periodically passivate my BrewSSSiphon™?"

"What does #brewcology mean and how can I practice it at home?"

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