BrewSSSiphon™ Testimonials

Received my Pro Brewers Siphon yesterday. Nice, secure packaging and solid piece of equipment. Anthony called me earlier today to see what my experience was, which was a nice touch, and I tested it out and it worked perfectly. Now I just need to make up a new must to use it on some wine. Nice work, guys, and thanks for reaching out.



I am extremely proud to be part of this product and extremely impressed with you guys and how you handled all the shortcomings and issues. Fucking bravo gentlemen pat yourselves on the back!! And this siphon, holy shit. I have yet to use it but boy I feel bad ass just holding the fucking thing. Looks amazing!!! I am sure it will provide me years of sucking my beautifully fermented wort to my kegs.
Thanks again for being stand up guys and standing behind your promise.



Totally blown away by the hefty, high quality feel of the siphon. Dunked into my fermenter and drew suction within 2 fast pumps on the cane. Transfer of 5 gallons significantly faster than my old cheap plastic siphon, which helps reduce amount of O2 exposure (wish I had timed it). After use, I pulled it apart and cleaned it easily. Dig this device, such a great addition to my brewing tools 



Received mine last week and put it to work right away by racking my porter in to a keg. I was really impressed right away with how solid if feels. The sliding action was smooth. The siphon transferred the liquid quickly and with out issue. The clip came in handy too. Super stoked on this purchase. Well worth the wait in my opinion. Thank you for a quality product that will be used for years to come. Prost! 



Got mine yesterday and it looks much less likely to degrade over time as opposed to my old plastic siphon, which is exactly why i bought it! I contacted Anthony and got an immediate response, which was great, you can tell he really has put everything into this.


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