close up image of the carboy sleeve
close up image of the carboy sleeve White background image of the BrewSSSiphon in a glass Carboy

BrewSSSiphon® Carboy Sleeve


Have you ever thought,  "Man it would be really cool right now if I could walk away from this transfer to grab my graduated cylinder and hydrometer for a gravity reading, I almost forgot, crap." 

Well now you can be the octopus you always dreamed of... 

Our Carboy Sleeve gives you the extra freedom you need by offering you superior depth adjustment and control!

Its like having two extra arms really.

Fits every standard carboy we could find no problem ...

Well, except for lab-grade wide-mouth carboys and the evil plastic carboys. But, never fear we have the answer for you with our Spring Clip.  It works as a really great quick solution for this until we make the Wide Mouth Carboy Sleeve.

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