A Carboy Sleeve clipped into the Spring Clip
A Carboy Sleeve clipped into the Spring Clip BrewSSSiphon in stainless fermenting vessel attached with a Spring Clip and Carboy Sleeve

BrewSSSiphon® Nickel Coated Spring Clip


Finally an auto-siphon clip that actually gives you confidence to multi task mid transfer! 

Our dream of making a durable & lasting solution to the frustration of cheap plastic auto-siphons has absolutely come true on all levels and our second edition Nickel Plated Spring Clip is no exception, sporting new stainless steel rivets for superior durability.

It looks beautiful holding the BrewSSSiphon® securely on the edge of your home brew bucket, kettle or wide mouth carboy. 


*Heads up. The Carboy Sleeve is not included but is necessary in order for the Spring Clip to work. Please purchase Carboy Sleeve separately. Thanks.

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